Majors & Minors

Steps to Declaring a Major/Minor

For Majors

FALL 2020:

The Registrar Office has put the declaration of major form on their website. Students should fill it out and send it their advisor for e-signature. Then, please email the signed form to Elena Zemmel.


  1. Choose between East Asian Studies, Japanese Language & Literature, and Chinese Language & Literature.
  2. Request an appointment with the faculty major advisor. Click here to determine the appropriate major advisor.
  3. Get a copy of the official Declaration of Major Form from our bulletin board, department office in New Cabell Hall or the Registrar’s office.
  4. Take the Major Declaration Form and the Major Advising Form (found on our bulletin board) to your appointment with the advisor.
  5. Fill out, with the help of the advisor, both forms.
  6. Return the Major Advising Form and the yellow copy of the Declaration of Major Form to the department office in 158 New Cabell Hall.
  7. Keep the pink copy for yourself and turn in the white copy to Monroe Hall, Room 101.

For Minors

  1. Obtain a copy of the minor form for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or East Asian Studies (or on our bulletin board).
  2. Request an appointment with the appropriate advisor. (See advisors)
  3. Take the minor form to your appointment with the advisor.
  4. Fill out the form with the help of the advisor.
  5. Turn in the form to 158 New Cabell Hall and obtain 2 copies.
  6. Turn in one copy at Monroe Hall, Room 101 and keep the second copy for your records.

Majoring or Minoring in Chinese Language and Literature

Majoring or Minoring in East Asian Studies

Majoring or Minoring in Japanese Language and Literature

Minoring in Korean Language and Literature



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