Summer Study

The steps to ensuring transfer credit for summer language programs are the same as for academic year or semester programs. Please see the "Forms" page for a document that details the steps to ensuring transfer credit.

KCJS Semester and Summer Programs

The University of Virginia joins Harvard, Stanford, and about a dozen other top universities in running the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS) in Japan's historic capital city. The consortium arrangement entitles UVA to select a small number of undergraduate students each year to participate in the program, either for one semester, a full academic year, or in an intensive summer program.

For the semester/year program, students must have had two full years of college-level Japanese language instruction or an equivalent background. Mornings are devoted to intensive language training in a small classroom setting. Afternoon activities include courses offered in English on a broad spectrum of social sciences and humanities courses on premodern and contemporary Japan. Coursework integrates the historical and cultural resources of Kyoto into the curriculum through excursions, field trips, and guest lectures. Immersion in the language and culture is facilitated by living with a Japanese family, taking classes with Japanese students, and participating in a wide array of community-based extracurricular activities.

The summer program is devoted to course in classical Japanese and advanced modern Japanese (fourth year and above). The program also organizes excursions and cultural activities relating to Kyoto and the surrounding area. For additional information on the program, please click here.

UVA in Shanghai Summer Language Program

The UVA in Shanghai Intensive Chinese Language Program in the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures at the University of Virginia is hosted by East China Normal University. It is intended to enable students who are serious about studying Chinese language in a total immersion environment to cover a year's worth of material and to earn eight UVA credits. This rigorous, demanding, and rewarding language program allows the student to have first hand experience using Chinese in real world situations as well as studying and practicing it in the classroom. For more information, use the "Find a Program" link at Please check this link to see about the program .

The UVA in Shanghai Teachers' Special Issue can be read here: UVA in Shanghai Teachers' Special Issue

The UVA in Shanghai Intensive Summer Chinese Language Program has also been selected by Yale University’s prestigious Light Fellowship as a destination site for language study utilizing Light Fellowship funding. For more information on the Light Fellowship: Yale Light Fellowships

UVA Summer Language Institute

The Summer Language Institute at UVA offers intensive summer instruction in Chinese and Tibetan.

The Chinese program is an intensive 8-credit beginning level program in Modern Standard Mandarin Chinese for students with no or little prior experience in the language and covers material for Chinese 101 and 102 offered during the fall and spring semesters at the University of Virginia. The program helps students acquire a solid foundation in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a near immersion setting. Students learn all the sounds and tones in Mandarin Chinese, basic vocabulary, frequently used characters, pinyin (the standard Mandarin Chinese transcription system), and information about Chinese language, culture, and society. Our intimate class format maximizes interaction between teachers and students, creating a learning environment that facilitates both individual and collective learning processes. During the nine-week program, the class meets every weekday, from 9 AM to 12:30 PM.

The Tibetan program is an intensive 12-credit program covering the first two years of formal study of Tibetan at UVA. The program focuses on modern spoken and written Tibetan according to the Central Tibetan dialect. Students also learn print as well as cursive script.  Dynamic audio-visual material published in the Tibetan and Himalayan Library, including original footage shot in Tibet, enlivens classroom learning. Students live in a Tibetan Language House with a trained Residence Director who is fluent in Tibetan and encourages its use among the students in their everyday life.  Attendance in all three sessions (morning, afternoon, and evening) is required of all students, regardless of whether they are enrolled for credit or non-credit. Every student, must earn a passing grade in each class of the first half of the SLI in order to participate in the second half. University of Virginia undergraduates fulfill their language requirements upon successful completion of the program.


STARTALK is a Teacher Training Residential Program offered by the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures that offers intensive training and first-hand experience to Chinese language instructors through teaching motivated high school learners at the Virginia Startalk Chinese Academy, sponsored by Virginia’s Department of Education. Participants earn 3 UVA credits in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and compile a comprehensive teaching e-portfolio including: standards-based syllabus, classroom teaching demos, sample class materials and activities, sample tests, review articles on teaching theories and practices, etc. The program also includes frequent co-curricular cultural activities and opportunities to meet with other language professionals in the field.