UVa Chinese Studies Faculty Figure Prominently in a Symposium on Leisure and Chinese Culture

Sunday, August 28, 2016
Literature of Leisure and Chinese Modernity

The upcoming fall 2016 issue of Chinese Historical Review will feature a symposium edited by Charles A. Laughlin on “Leisure and Chinese Culture,” and which includes an introductory essay by Laughlin and papers by two other UVa Chinese studies faculty. Anne Kinney of DEALLC contributed an article entitled “The Anxiety of Leisure in Early China,” and Ellen Cong Zhang of History contributed “Of Revelers and Witty Conversationalists: Song (960-1279) biji Writing and the Rise of a New Literati Ideal.” The symposium also includes Timothy Brook’s “A Month of Delta Summer: Li Rihua’s Diary of Leisure in the Late Ming,” and James Hargett’s “What Need is there to Go Home? Travel as Leisure Activity in the youji of Su Shi (1037-1101).”