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Miao-Fen Tseng 曾妙芬

Inaugural Director of the Institute of World Languages, Professor of Chinese, General Faculty, Director of Virginia STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy

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Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition & Teacher Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1999)
MA in Teaching English as an International Language, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1995)


Second language acquisition, Chinese language pedagogy, teacher development, task-based language teaching, online language teaching and learning.

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Tseng has served on numerous national and international committees and played multi-faceted influential roles in advocating Chinese language initiatives, including, but are not limited to, Director of UVA STARTALK Teacher/Student Academy, Founder and President of the Chinese Language Teachers Association of Virginia (CLTA-VA), member of the CLTA Board of Directors, member of STARTALK Task Force, College Board consultant in AP Chinese, Academic Advisor and Senior Reviewer for AP Chinese Audit, and Evaluator of K-16 Chinese language programs and teacher preparation programs.She has given approximately 250 talks and workshops on Chinese language pedagogy and taught graduate-level courses under the auspices of various collaborative initiatives and professional development programs in the US and globally. Many K-16 Chinese language educators and graduate students have greatly benefitted from her professional experience and aspired to be regional and global leaders. She has received many accolades in recognition of her contribution to Chinese language education, among them the Albert Nelson Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award (2019), the STARTALK Award (2008-2024), the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Taipei (2018), the Jefferson Trust Award (2018), the Helen Warriner-Burke FLAVA Distinguished Service Award (2016), and the Jiede Empirical Research grant (2015) & Ron Walton Presentation Award (1998) by CLTA. In recent years, she has actively established global partnerships for online learning and promoted technology, virtual reality, and community-based experiential learning for F2F and online language teaching and learning.

Selected Recent Books

Authentic Chinese (Volume I). Textbook. Co-authored with Luoyi Cai, Junyao Wu, Ying-Sin Chen, and Jia Xu. Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc. 2023.                          

Authentic Chinese (Volume I). Workbook. Co-authored with Junyao Wu, Ying-Sin Chen, and Jia Xu. Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc. 2023.                        

Authentic Chinese (Volume I). Task Workbook & Character Workbook. Co-authored with Junyao Wu and Ying-Sin Chen. Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc. 2023.

Teach Chinese Online: An Essential Guide. Co-authored with Yan Gao. Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc. 2021.

The Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese (Volume I, II, III). Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc. 2014, 2019, 2020.

Selected Recent Book Chapters and Papers                                       

Teachers’ confidence in applying effective principles for online teaching in a teacher training program. Co-authored with Luoyi Cai and Dan Song. Handbook of Chinese Language Learning and Technology. Springer. Forthcoming.

10 Years of Collaboration: The Duke-UVA-Vanderbilt Consortium. In Emily Uebel, Angelika Kraemer, and Luca Giupponi (eds.): Sharing Less Commonly Taught Languages in Higher Education: Collaboration and Innovation, p. 50-62. Co-authored with Deb Reisinger and Nathalie Porter. Routledge. 2023.

Task repetition for peer review as corrective feedback for L2 writing in Mandarin Chinese. Co-authored with Ziyi Geng. 台大華語文學習與科技 (Taiwan University Chinese Language Learning and Technology), 2, 67-106. 2022.

A preliminary study of pre-service teachers’ development and reflections on online teaching, co-authored with Chi-Hua Hsu & Yu-Ju Lan. In Y. Wen, Y. Wu, G. Qi, et al. (eds): Expanding Global Horizons Through Technology Enhanced Language Learning. Springer. 2021.

Implementing virtual reality-enhanced tasks for Chinese language teaching, co-authored with Ziyi Geng. In Yu-Ju Lan & Scott Grant (eds.): Contextual Language Learning: Real Language Learning on the Continuum from Virtuality to Reality, p. 91-118. Springer. 2021.  

以教师反思分析线上中文教学有效原则之应用(An analysis of the application of effective principles for online Chinese language teaching), co-authored with Ziyi Geng & Luoyi Cai. 国际汉语教学研究 (Journal of International Chinese Teaching), p. 27-38. 2021.  

A study of online synchronous immersive communication in Mandarin Chinese, co-authored with Yujia Sun & Yu-Ju Lan. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, p. 1-23. 2020. 

線上華語教學必備技能培訓之研究報告(A study of required skills for online Chinese language teaching). 華語文教學多元視野與跨界思考 (Thinking from Multi-Perspectives and Cross-Disciplines in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language), p. 283-310. National Taiwan University Press, Taiwan. 2020.

中文线上课堂有效结合科技工具以强化互动之报告 (Enhancing interaction through the effective incorporation of technology tools for a virtual Chinese language classroom), co-authored with Yan Gao & Luoyi Cai. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, p. 91-113. 2019.

Creating a task-based language course in Mandarin Chinese. In Chris Shei, Monica Zikpi, and Der-Lin Chao (eds.): The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching, p. 118-133. 2019.

An immersive flipped classroom for learning Mandarin Chinese: design, implementation, and outcomes, co-authored with Chin-his Lin & Henny Chen. Journal of computer-Assisted Language Learning, p. 2018.