DEALLC Major Capstone Completion Criteria

In order to fulfill the capstone requirement, all DEALLC majors must demonstrate their degree of familiarity with their target language, and the extent to which they can use their chosen language in an academic paper. Students must enroll in a 3 credit CHTR/JPTR course at the 3000 or 4000 level with the approval of the instructor and major advisor. Our two surveys, CHTR/JPTR 3010 and CHTR/JPTR 3020 cannot be used to fulfill the capstone. Students must also enroll in the one-credit capstone course CHTR/JPTR/EAST 4991, which do not require any assignments or attendance.  For explanations on this process for each major, please download the appropriate capstone enrollment form from the Forms page, or speak to your advisor.

Criteria for a successful capstone completion are as follows:

  • The student demonstrates a sound understanding of primary and secondary target-language materials [i.e. articles, books, documentaries, movies];
  • The student made extensive and pertinent use of these materials in the final paper [e.g., discussed terms used in the primary texts of the target language, or bolstered or enhanced arguments using secondary sources]; 
  • The student provided direct quotations from and engagement with these sources, providing original text and translations;
  • The student provided the original written form alongside the romanized one for all words taken from the East Asian Language used in the paper, including titles of texts, general terms, and names of individuals or places.