Congratulations to John Cho on His Acceptantance to the IUC's Japanese Language Program!

Monday, April 6, 2020

John (Yeonjun) Cho was accepted into the IUC’s Japanese program. Here is what he wanted to share with us about the program and about his plans:

The Inter-University Center's Japanese program is intended for students who are embarking on careers in Japanese studies or a profession in which fluent Japanese is necessary. The program is designed to bring each participant to a level of proficiency sufficient for academic or professional use. Their training focuses on development of the ability to converse in Japanese on specialized subjects, to comprehend and deliver public presentations, and to read and write materials in Japanese in order to function professionally in academia, business, government, and other fields. Many graduates occupy positions of leadership in their respective disciplines, including fourteen recipients of the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun awarded by the Japanese government.

Through the Inter-University Center’s 10-Month Language program, I am planning on sharpening my Japanese skills to a professional level suitable for a career in International Law. After successfully completing my academic program, I plan to study Law, specializing in International Law, and to enlist in the Air Force to serve as a Judge Advocate Officer of the U.S. Air Force. Hopefully, through my background in Japanese studies and International Law, I will be able to serve in Kadena Airbase, located in Okinawa, to manage security concerns in East Asia. I believe that IUC program will be a crucial foundation for my future career as an International Lawyer in Japan.