Celebrating Miao-fen Tseng's third book published in 2014.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Miao-fen Tseng

Miao-fen Tseng has her third book published in 2014. The book entitled “The Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese” (Volume I) begins with an overview of task design and implementation, followed by eleven chapters on different themes that are targeted at novice and intermediate-low level of proficiency. Each chapter has different tasks across three communicative modes, step-by-step instructions, instructional strategies, and most importantly, task-specific rubrics that are ready to use and can be easily tweaked for adaption. The book is written in English and applicable for all world languages. In addition to paper publication, Miao-fen is currently working on Volume II with a focus on tasks and rubrics at the intermediate and pre-advanced level of proficiency.