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We are thrilled to announce that Abigail Barr, one of our exceptional students, has emerged as the first-place winner of the prestigious 2023 National Chinese Speech Contest (NCSC). Abigail's remarkable performance and linguistic prowess have earned her the well-deserved certificate for outstanding achievement.  Her dedication, hard work, and passion for Chinese language and culture have set her apart in this highly competitive event. We congratulate Abigail on this outstanding accomplishment and commend her for being an inspiration to fellow students. We are confident that Abigail's success will inspire and motivate others in their language-learning endeavors. Her success not only showcases her exceptional language skills but also highlights the effectiveness of our language program in fostering proficiency and cultural understanding. 

We would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Abigail's advisor, Chinese lecturer Ying Gao, who provided invaluable guidance and support throughout her journey. With Gao laoshi's expertise and mentorship, Abigail was able to refine her speech, hone her language skills, and confidently present her ideas with eloquence and precision.

Abigail's triumph in the NCSC is a testament to her passion for Chinese language and culture, as well as a testament to the remarkable guidance provided by her advisor. We are immensely proud of Abigail and look forward to witnessing her continued achievements in the future.