Shu-chen Chen

  • Assistant Professor, Director of Chinese Program

Jack Chen

  • Associate Professor of Chinese Literature, DUP

Yoon Hwa Choi

  • Lecturer of Korean, Director of Korean Program

Ying Gao

  • Lecturer of Chinese

Ziyi Geng

  • Lecturer of Chinese

Miyabi Goto

  • Visiting Assistant Professor

Gustav Heldt

  • Associate Professor of Japanese Literature

Lizeng (Patrick) Huang

  • Lecturer of Chinese

Mieko Kawai

  • Senior Lecturer of Japanese

Anne Kinney

  • Professor of Chinese

Yupeng Kou

  • Assistant Professor

Charles Laughlin

  • Professor of East Asian Studies and Department Chair

Hsin-hsin Liang

  • Professor of Chinese

Tomoko Marshall

  • Senior Lecturer of Japanese, Director of Japanese Program

Mark Metcalf

  • Lecturer in Chinese Literature

Franziska Oertle

  • Lecturer of Tibetan, Director of Tibetan Program

Tomomi Sato

  • Senior Lecturer of Japanese

Miao-fen Tseng

  • Professor of Chinese and Inaugural Director of the Institute of World Languages

Sunhee Woo

  • Lecturer of Korean

Ran Zhao

  • Associate Professor of Chinese