STARTALK Program Receives Federal Grant for 7th Consecutive Year

Friday, March 1, 2013

Miao-fen Tseng has been awarded the federal STARTALK grant for $112,500.00 to run this summer's STARTALK program on grounds at UVa. She has received the federal STARTALK award for seven consecutive years since 2008. The STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy (VSCTA) has established a national reputation for quality training and instruction in Mandarin Chinese. This year, UVa STARTALK will evolve into a combined model through which the Virginia STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy (VSCTA) will partner with the Virginia STARTALK Chinese StudentAcademy (VSCSA). The VSCTA will continue to offer three graduate credits in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to teacher participants. It will collaborate with the VSCSA to increase student to teacher ratio, field-test innovative pedagogy, create hybrid classrooms, and enrich language and cultural immersion experiences for students. The VSCSA program features cutting-edge technology to enhance learning outcomes through mobile devices and interactive collaborative online tools. Upon the completion of the program, teacher and student participants will create e-portfolios to highlight their learning outcomes and experiences. The two programs aim to develop effective global language professionals and knowledgeable global language learners in the 21st century. For further information about teacher participants' testimonials and student videos from the past six years, please take a look at the program website at