Anri Yasuda

Assistant Professor of Japanese Literature

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BA, MA, PhD: Columbia University

MA: Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)


My research examines how modern Japanese writers in the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries honed their uniquely literary perspectives and methods via their engagement with other artistic discourses, particularly in the visual arts, which too were undergoing major shifts in this time period. Questions regarding aesthetics, and the connections and tensions between different artistic mediums, are central to my work. I am also invested in discourses about cosmopolitanism and gender. These themes guide the exploration of modern and contemporary Japanese literature and film in my classes too. I am currently revising a book manuscript on late-Meiji and Taisho period literature entitled All Too Literary: Modern Japanese Literature and Aesthetics, 1890-1930.


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“Endeavors of Representation: Visual Art and the Literature of Akutagawa Ryūnosuke.” Japanese Language and Literature. Vol. 56, No.20, October 2016.

“Akutagawa Ryūnosuke- Manga Depictions of a Literary Icon”. International Journal of Comic Art. Vol. 16, No. 2, Fall/ Winter 2014/15.