New Shea House Language Assistants

Thursday, January 1, 2015
Shea House


My name is Yuning Ling. I am a returning resident of Shea House Chinese floor and am currently working with Haowei to create a better language-learning environment for our residents. Despite the fact that I am a Statistics major, literature and music are also important parts of my life. Also, except for practicing in Chinese language, I think it’s also crucial to engage everyone into cultural events since I believe that one of the most fun parts of learning a foreign language is to use it to explore another country, another culture. You will definitely like it once you are here! Don’t hesitate to apply!

My name is Haowei Wang. I am a third-year Arts & Sciences student from China, majoring in Economics and Studio Art. I am always happy to introduce Chinese culture and the language to my friends, so as I was a first-year, I started to work with Chinese Corner and East Asian Languages Department. I and some residents recently talked about building an Asian style garden in front of SHEA House, if that works, I will be glad to have some Chinese tea there. In this year we will celebrate some major festivals by introducing Chinese elements. All people are welcome to be there!  


こんにちは!  My name is Edward Yagisawa Cannell, the Language Advisor for the Japanese Floor.  I’m a 3rd year majoring in Economics and Foreign Affairs from the amazing city of Yokohama, Japan.  The best part of living in Shea is that it’s extremely close to New Cabell; you can wake up at 9:45am and still make it to your 10:00am Japanese class! But in all honesty, there’s no better place to live on Grounds if you’re a Japanese major (or even if you just want to improve your Japanese) – ranging from watching Japanese horror movies to making okonomiyaki, come join us in enjoying a wide variety of fun cultural activities and games on J Floor!  


My name is Tae Seo, a 3rd year nursing student at UVA. This year, I am serving as a Korean LA. I was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea and immigrated to the United States in 2004. So far, the favorite moment I had at Shea House was making songpyeon, a traditional Korean food for Korean Thanksgiving. Korean floor had 2 cultural events so far, Korean Thanksgiving and Korean Day. We hold weekly activities every week to learn more about Korea. Throughout this year, I hope to continue to be the best help to my residents in learning Korean.