New Courses for Spring 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

CHTR 4559: Sunzi and The Art of War

This seminar on The Art of War, the 5th century BCE Chinese classic attributed to Sunzi, will familiarize students with traditional interpretations of the text. The course will emphasize a close reading of several translations of the text and will also consider the influence of its historical and philosophical contexts.  Contemporary Chinese military writings will also be surveyed to investigate the relevance of the text to modern warfare.

EAST 3559: Death and Dying in East Asia

This course explores attitudes toward death, dying, and the afterlife that have informed different East Asian ritual and cultural practices. It assesses how the relationship between the living and the dead has been formulated in Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist ideas, and examine their contemporary relevance. We will explore ritual for family members, but also ghost festivals, controversial ceremonies for war, and memorials for animals. 

JAPN 4559: Japanese for Professionals 

This advanced Japanese course aims to cultivate future professionals who will acquire awareness of cross-cultural differences that enable them to operate effectively in the global world.  Critical thinking and communication skills will be emphasized. 

PTR 3559: Cinematic Images of Japanese Culture and Society

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This seminar examines how films from Japan visually and audibly speak to each viewer by raising different views of today’s Japanese culture and society, and how they relate to the universal human condition. As films complement the imagination of the written words, this seminar adopts a comparativist approach by paying careful attention to the effects of sound and the imagistic power of what only films can do. We also examine visual, cultural, and historical interpretations of one original Japanese film in comparison to the remake of the film by an American director.

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