East Asian Studies Course Descriptions

EAST 1010 East Asian Canons and Cultures (3) (Y)

An introduction to the study of East Asia with a focus on the question of empire formation and the ideologies underlying the idea of empire in East Asia. Readings drawn from philosophical, political, religious, historical, and literary texts. No prior knowledge of the languages and histories of East Asia required.    

EAST 4993 Independent Study (Varies) (SI)

EAST 4998 Distinguished Majors Senior Thesis I (3) (Y)

EAST 4999 Distinguished Majors Senior Thesis II (3) (Y)

The second part of a two-semester sequence of tutorial work for students completing a Senior Thesis as part of the Distinguished Majors Program in East Asian Studies or East Asian Languages and Literatures. Prerequisites: Student must be enrolled in the Distinguished Majors Program in East Asian Studies and have already completed EAST 4998. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission

EAST 8998 Non-Topical Research: Preparation for Research (1-12) (Y)

EAST 8999 Non-Topical Research (1-12) (Y)