Chinese Placement Testing

Fall 2020 Placement Test

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the Fall 2020 Chinese Placement Exam will take place on Collab. Your name and email will be added to a Collab site called CHIN Placement Exam. Please make sure you can receive emails from Collab. 

The written part of the exam is due by 8:00am, August 12, 2020. You will be notified when the exam becomes available for you to take. It will be a timed exam. 

The Oral interview part of the exam will be over Zoom at 1-3pm on Aug 14, 2020. Sign up for a 10-min interview session will be available on the same Collab site too. 

Please make sure to complete this registration by August 5, 2020. Click here to register now. 

Please email if you have any questions about the registration and/or the placement exam.

International students/native speakers of Mandarin Chinese, who have indicated in registration to provide credentials (high school diploma/transcripts) for FL exemption will be contacted separately during the following couple of weeks and will NOT be added to Collab for testing. Instead, please watch for an email that requests you to send in those credentials. 8/6/2020.


General Information

Who should take the placement test?
1. Students who have studied Chinese before at home or in some setting other than UVA and don't know exactly which class they should take. Please take the placement test before registering. 

2. Students who are interested in taking CHIN1060 or CHIN2060. These courses are designed for Chinese heritage learners and those who can speak Mandarin fluently,have no problem with listening comprehension, but need to work on their reading and writing.

3. Students who want to be exempted from the Foreign Language requirement and who feel their knowledge is equivalent to two full years of study (CHIN2060 or CHIN2020)

Who doesn't need to take the placement test?
1. If you received 700 or above on your SAT and/or 4 or 5 on AP Chinese, and/or IB SL/HL 5, 6 or 7, you don't need to take the placement test in order to fulfill your language requirement. Please show the original report of your SAT/AP scores to Ran Zhao (New Cabell Hall, room 171) during her office hours, and she will write to the relevant office. However, you still need to take the placement test if you plan to continue your Chinese language study at UVA.

2. Echols Scholars don't need to take the placement test, as you don't have the Foreign Language requirement. However, if you later plan to be an East Asian Studies major/minor or a Chinese Language and Literature major/minor, or you plan to apply for the McIntire School of Commerce, you will need to take the placement test to prove that you have fulfilled the Foreign Language requirement. 

What if I have an orientation schedule conflict during the hours of the placement test?
1. We offer the placement test two times per year, once before the fall semester and once before the spring semester. You don't have to take the test this time if you still have more than one year at UVA.

2. If you need to be placed into a course during the upcoming term but cannot take the placement test at the scheduled time, please contact the program director.

Please note: The Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures reserves the right to place any student in a language course most appropriate to his or her proficiency level. Such placement will be the responsibility of the instructor and director for each language program and should be made as soon as possible. You, as a student, don't place yourself into a language course at your own choice and at your own convenience. Scheduling conflicts are not valid reasons for anyone to place himself/herself into a course that s/he thinks is appropriate. 

Test Format

The test has two parts: a written part and an interview with a Chinese teacher. The written test is no longer than 75 minutes and the oral interview is about 10 minutes. Depending on how many students there are, you may need to wait a while for your turn to take the interview. 

What to bring to the test: 
Please bring TWO photo IDs, pencils, and erasers. You will not be allowed to take the test if you do not have appropriate photo IDs. 

Annoucement of results:
Placement test results will be posted on the door of room 171 in New Cabell Hall on the day after the test, after 6:00pm.

How to register for the test:
If you plan to take the Chinese placement test, you must let us know beforehand by signing up here